Foley Marketing Advisors welcomes Lori Glikshtern, VP Website Development & Design

Lori brings over 18 years experience of developing successful, creative websites.  Some of her experience has included......



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Small Business Marketing Consultants

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Sometimes you have a very marketing specific strategy you'd like help with.  Other times you're not sure even where to begin!  Don't worry, we won't judge...We'll help you figure it out and keep it within your budget!

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Foley Marketing Advisors is a unique consulting firm focused on developing and implementing successful, customized marketing programs for start-ups and small to medium-sized companies, with limited resources.  Our seasoned team of consultants bring a wide array of expertise covering the areas of strategic marketing, marketing communications, sales promotion, advertising, public relations and website and social media development/management.

Our philosophy is to only recommend those targeted-specific services that have the greatest potential to affect your bottom line.  We pride ourselves on always delivering results on time and within your budget.  Our high standards of ethics enables us to see, hear, and innovate on behalf of our clients in ways larger agencies cannot. 


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