Foley Marketing Advisors welcomes Lori Glikshtern, VP Website Development & Design

Lori brings over 18 years experience of developing successful, creative websites.  Some of her experience has included......



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Are You Our Missing Strategic Puzzle Piece and Us Yours?

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I often develop and implement marketing strategies on behalf of small companies who require a project that falls outside the scope of my capabilities, e.g. creating an entirely new website, video, extensive graphic design work, etc...  In these instances I would find the best suited partner to take on my clients' project. On the flipside, I’m sure there are times when you have a client who asks for marketing-related assistance that you may not feel comfortable pursuing...That’s where I come in, and a partnership is born!

Assuming this is something you’d be interested in, please let me know by filling in the form below and putting "PARTNERSHIP" in the subject line.   I'll get back to you shortly and we can set up some time to get to know each other.

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We value our strategic partnerships and collaborations and look forward to working together to produce outstanding results!

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