How to Create a Social Media Strategy Plan for Your Small Business in 5 Easy Steps

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When your business creates social media accounts, every post, comment, and like should be a component of the greater social media strategy. Your strategy should help drive your business goals. We’ve put together the following steps which will help you create a successful and effective social media marketing plan. Identify Social Media Marketing Goals and Targets   When creating social ... Read More

5 Critical Steps Needed to Create a Winning B2B Sales Pitch / Proposal

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If your company has a standardized way of handling sales pitches, and you haven’t been experiencing the ROI, but you feel you should, it’s probably time to change it up completely or refine your tactics. We’ve put together the following steps which will help you create a winning sales pitch and successful proposal. Before I begin, the most important thing ... Read More

How to Gain Recognition and Grow Your Small Business with Industry Awards

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A current strategy small business owners are using to stand out is applying and winning relevant industry awards. Industry awards can increase your website traffic, and business credibility in your given field. The process of applying for industry awards can be tedious, but in our current competitive market, even being a nominee can promote growth.    The top reasons why ... Read More

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Grow Your Small Business by Implementing a Free Virtual Internship Program!

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The information below was taken from our recent press release announcing our Virtual Internship Program.  A program like this is invaluable to college students as well as small businesses who’d like a few hours of free help each week!  Take a look and email me if you have any questions on how to implement your own program… Foley Marketing Advisors ... Read More

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How a Collaborative Partnership Can Help Grow Your Business

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Collaboration with other businesses is a great way to grow your small business. Whether you need assistance with developing strategies or want to take your business to the next level, partnering with other businesses can be key. Strategic Collaboration Every business has their own unique target market, and a collaboration can help your product or service be seen by an ... Read More

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How to Use Press Releases and Opinion Articles to Get Publicity for Your Small Business

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Getting publicity for your small business may be difficult at times, but the two different strategies of writing press releases and opinion articles will create free, positive publicity for your business. The ultimate goals for using either a press release or an opinion article are the same and include:      Improve the Search Engine Optimization of your small business      Build awareness ... Read More

Small Business Retail Strategies for Success (Part 3): Marketing & Promotions

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There are many factors that contribute to the success of a retail store. In this blog installment I’ll be discussing specific marketing strategies and tactics that could be employed to help build awareness, increase foot traffic and/or repeat business. For the purpose of staying focused, we’re going to assume that the retail store already has a “presence” in it’s geographical ... Read More

Small Business Retail Strategies for Success (Part 2): Tracking and Monitoring Trends

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Many factors influence the market; retailers who do not want to be left behind should carefully monitor trends and develop strategies for responding to and taking advantage of any opportunities they may present. Because retailers, generally speaking, have a finite geographical limitation, it’s actually easier for them versus E-tailers to conduct routine market research to help their businesses perform better. ... Read More

Small Business Retail Strategies for Success: Retailers Working Together

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With the ever-growing shift from Retailer to E-tailer, the entire face of retail has undergone major changes, causing many forms of traditional retail to decrease or disappear in volume and importance. The small retailer category continues to struggle, but those who understand the circumstances, adjust their operations and take action on a consistent basis will thrive and ultimately survive. As ... Read More

Why is it Important for Small Businesses to Create a Branded Video? Part 3 of a 3-Part Market Research Report

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I recently completed a market research report on behalf of a client to determine the trends, usage and effectiveness of videos implemented as part of a marketing strategy employed by small businesses. Through my research, it became evident that video is an ideal medium for small businesses to use to brand storytelling pieces, which can live on a website, social ... Read More